​Individual Therapy
60 minute session
90 minute session

Couple/Family Therapy
60 minute session
90 minute session

30 minute session

Is this you?

​- Do the demands of your workload or family weigh you down?
- Are you thinking your relationship with your spouse needs to change?
- Does anxiety keep you from doing things you would like to do or enjoy doing?
- Are you grieving the loss of your unborn child? 
- Do you wish you had more self-confidence or a better sense of identity?
- Is your child struggling in school or with peers and you don’t know how to help?
- Were there secrets in your family?
- Do you feel like you cannot communicate with your significant other?
- Has the death of someone dear to you turned your life upside down?
- Do you often feel different or alienated from people?
- Do you sometimes feel inadequate as a parent?
- Do you have a hard time trusting and feeling safe among people?
- Does it seem like God does not love you or simply does not care?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Bridge of Hope Counseling Center can help!

Change your life today!


Bridge of Hope Counseling Center 
Serving the Lake Norman area with virtual and in person sessions. 

ph: 704-740-7570

A variety of hours are available to meet each individual's schedule. Morning, afternoon, and evening appointments Monday through Thursday are available.

Hope Changes Lives!


- Self-Identity/Self-Esteem
- Grief/Loss
- Couple/Marital Issues
- Anxiety/Phobias
- Adolescent Issues
- Codependency
- Women's Issues
- Depression
- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
- Premarital Counseling
- Anger Management
- Communication Issues
- Stress Management

- Crisis Intervention