Lynn is a Licensed Professional Counselor.  She counsels couples, adults, and adolescents. 

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A variety of hours are available to meet each individual's schedule. Early morning appointments as well as evening appointments Monday through Thursday are available.

Bridge of Hope Counseling Center

Serving the Lake Norman area with virtual and limited face to face sessions.

ph: 704-740-7570


-Individual                   -Adults
-Couple/Marriage       -Adolescents

About Bridge of Hope

At Bridge of Hope there is a variety of services available. Most sessions are 60 minutes, however 30 minute consultations or more in depth 90 minute sessions are also available.

Welcome to Bridge of Hope Counseling Center!
Choosing a counselor can be scary. Relax. Bridge of Hope is a safe and accepting counseling center. The focus is on the individual and each session is geared towards his or her needs at that time.​

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